Brava Composite Shake Roof vs. Cedar Shake Roof

Are you searching for the best cedar shake roofing alternative? Do you want a product that will last longer than cedar with virtually no maintenance or repairs? Brava composite shake shingles are the way to go! Our synthetic shake products have the stunning appearance of wood shake shingles with the durability of composite tile. Let’s compare a cedar shake roof to a Brava composite roof.

Cedar Shake Roof

Shake shingles are produced by harvesting aged western red cedar, redwood, cypress, pine and occasionally spruce trees. Cedar is the most popular wood used to make roof shakes and shingles. Each shake tile or shingle is machined to give the appearance of hand-split wood. This process is not sustainable, nor is it environmentally friendly. Aged cedar trees are now no longer commercially available due to recent cutting restrictions.

Many cities and states have actually banned, or are in the process of banning cedar shake roofing all together because of its high risk for fire. Cedar roofs and other shake roofs are highly combustible, and no longer allowed to be installed in areas notorious for having brush fires and forest fires.

Additionally, cedar shake roofs require regular maintenance and costly chemical treatments to extend the life of the product. Molding, rotting, and the growth of moss are common problems faced by homeowners with cedar shake roofing. The average cedar shake roof life expectancy is between 15-20 years, considering the homeowner has taken the necessary steps to maintain the roof.

Brava Composite Shake Roof

Brava composite shake roof tiles are the perfect alternative to traditional cedar shake roofing shingles. Our synthetic cedar shake tile offers a realistic appearance and true to life hand split texture of natural cedar shakes, with all the benefits of composite roofing.

Our composite shakes are made of compressed recycled plastics and other sustainable materials. This creates in an environmentally friendly product, with an unparalleled durability and roof life expectancy. There is not a single composite product on the market that can compare to our multi-color composite shake tile.

To ensure Brava composite roof products mirror the appearance of natural cedar shakes, we manufacture textured roof tiles that vary in thickness from ⅝” to ⅞” which produce amazing shadow lines. This product comes in 5″, 7″ and 12″ widths which create the natural look of hand split shakes. You can also choose any of our preferred colors, or we can manufacture a custom color for your home.

Brava cedar shake is available in Class A and Class C fire ratings, and has a Class 4 impact rating. Our composite shake tile is maintenance free and has a limited 50 year warranty that provides you peace of mind everyday.

Compare Brava Composite Shake with Cedar Shake

Aesthetics Brava Composite Shake
Natural Cedar Shake
Authentic Look Yes Yes
3/8”-7/8” Thickness Yes Varies
Hand Split – True to Life Texture Yes Yes


Prohibited Jurisdictions None Many
Fire Retardant: Class A or Class C Yes Varies – requires chemical treatments
Wind Resistance: 110 + mph Yes Yes
Impact Resistance: Class 4 Yes No
Freeze/Thaw Resistant Yes No
Maintenance Free Yes No
Color-Fast Yes No
Hail Warrantied Yes No


Factory-Collated Color Blends Yes Yes
Factory-Collated Widths Yes Yes
Estimated Waste Factor Yes Yes
Estimated Waste Factor Low High

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10 Features of Brava Composite Shake Roof Tile

  1. Authentic design
  2. Class A or C fire rating
  3. Class 4 impact rating
  4. Lightweight
  5. Varied thickness (3/8″, 7/8″) and widths (5″, 7″, 12″)
  6. No breakage
  7. No special tools needed, cuts and nails with ease, and able to walk on roof
  8. Colored throughout, not only on surface
  9. Made in the USA
  10. Composed of recycled material to create a beautiful and durable roof that itself is fully recyclable

Benefits of Brava Composite Shake Roofing

  • Architecturally elegant
  • Extremely durable, virtually no breakage
  • No additional structural support needed
  • Installation cost savings
  • Available in any color or color combination
  • Natural, authentic appearance
  • Added protection – eligible for insurance premium discounts
  • Realistic variegated color and optional staggered application
  • 50 limited warranty
  • Environmentally friendly roof, green roofing product

Brava Composite Shake Colors

*Any custom color or color combination available

  • Aged Cedar
  • Weathered Cedar
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Charcoal Cedar
  • Natural Cedar
  • Custom Cedar