With AnchorDeck™ PSU installed, Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance!

AnchorDeck™ PSU features a mechanical slip-resistant walking surface which provides superior steep-slope walkability.

To speed your projects up even more, AnchorDeck™ PSU has a split-release liner which helps increase productivity with faster and easier installs than single sheet liners. And for added confidence,AnchorDeck™ PSU’s rubberized adhesion technology has an excellent combination of strong deck grip in low temperatures and high-temperature flow resistance.



AnchorDeck™ PSU is designed for use under asphalt shingles, residential metal, concrete tiles, shakes, synthetic shingles, and primed cedar shakes. AnchorDeck™ PSU meets all building code requirements including ASTM D226, ASTM D4869, and AC 48.



Protect your home or building from damaging Ice Dams with Roofnado™ AnchorDeck™ PSU

With Roofnado AnchorDeck PSU installed, your roof deck, internal roof space and wall cavities remain dry and protected from ice dams. If left unprotected, pooling water can rot your roof deck and supporting beams. Water can seep into your roof space and wall cavities causing serious damage to your valuable home or building.

AnchorDeck™ PSU Features & Benefits

For use under asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, residential metal panels and shingles, shakes, synthetic shingles and primed cedar shakes.

  • Premium protection from Ice Dams, Snow, Storms, Hail & Wind-Driven Water
  • Mechanical slip-resistant walking surface which provides superior steep slope walkability for roofers
  • Split release liner for faster and easier installs
  • Rubberized adhesion technology for stronger deck grip
  • Temperature range – 40° F to 240° F
  • Meets the performance requirements of CAN/CSA A220.1
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D1970
  • FBC Approved FBC Report FL21895 [PDF]
  • 20 Year Warranty 
  • 90 days UV exposure



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